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December 13, 2019

FPRA Webinar: 2030 – The Workplace Revolution

The modern workplace is constantly evolving and changing, with some jobs going away (switchboard operator) and others being created (app developer). But every 30 years, a new wave of technology fundamentally changes the workplace. Assembly lines, computers and the internet all dramatically shifted the nature of work, and changed the American workplace. Looking ahead to 2030, there is another revolutionary wave that is going to crash the future of work in America. The combination of automation and artificial intelligence will create a new revolution that will destroy not just jobs but potentially entire industries.

December 18, 2019

December Monthly Meeting: Why Digital Accessibility Compliance Matters

DigiPro Media Founder and CEO, Steve Barshov, will discuss the history of digital accessibility compliance, why accessibility compliance matters to the American business owner, and how a business can mitigate the risk of a digital accessibility lawsuit.

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President’s Message October 2019

President’s Message October 2019

My Objectives… At our board installation last month I outlined my three main focuses for my presidency. In case you missed it, I have outlined them below: Financial Sustainability – We are in great shape financially, thanks to previous fundraisers and conservative...

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