The Counselors’ Network is a section of the general membership. Members pay additional fees for special services. The group was founded as a result of the 1986 FPRA strategic plan where the association recognized the need for senior level programming especially as it pertains to both private and corporate practitioners who counsel on a regular basis.

Membership in the network is open to any member of the association who is:

  • accredited by FPRA or a North American Public Relations Council (NAPRC) affiliated organization;
  • is actively engaged a substantial amount of their time in providing public relations counseling services to top-level management;
  • has ten years of experience in public relations; and
  • has spent a minimum of three years as a full-time counselor – either in private practice or within his or her organization.

Benefits include special programming such as the mid-year meeting and annual conference breakout sessions. Other special functions, as well as an annual business meeting, are held in conjunction with FPRA’s annual conference.

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