25 reasons to spend $30.00 to join FPRA

  1. FPRA wants you!
  3. You’ll become part of the largest network of PR professionals in Florida.
  4. Professionals pay $150.00 membership fee; you’ll only pay $30.00.
  5. You’ll have member access to the FPRA state website, www.fpra.org.
  6. You receive quarterly White Paper and E-facts from state.
  7. You can download articles and publications from FPRA.
  8. You can access the statewide job bank listings.
  9. You’ll enjoy free on-campus programs geared towards you.
  10. Get insight into the internship program from fellow members.
  11. Develop experience for your résumé.
  12. Volunteer with FPRA on important community events.
  13. Meet fellow students and future professionals NOW!
  14. Getting to know the local PR professionals (future references and job opportunities).
  15. Put your ideas, talents and skills into action by working on FPRA projects and events.
  16. Stay current on new trends and technology in PR.
  17. Career workshops sharpen your résumé and interviewing skills.
  18. Take advantage of mentoring programs.
  19. You’ll receive an official membership certificate from FPRA.
  20. Your membership lasts from August to August.
  21. You have an opportunity to enter the Golden Image Awards as a student member.
  22. You have an opportunity for the college scholarship from state and the DP/PC Chapter.
  23. You can attend FPRA events and DP/PC Chapter events for member rates (even at a discount student rate)!
  24. Have writer’s block? Access to professionals for guidance and ideas!
  25. You are making an investment for your future career!